You have gained significant experience and built a successful business or professional practice. You have developed many meaningful relationships both personally and professionally. At this stage of life, accumulating and protecting wealth is an important priority.


Other top financial priorities, aside from maintaining the lifestyle you have become accustomed to, most likely include planning for your children's education and your eventual retirement. Some questions you may also want to ask yourself include:

  • Have you actually developed a financial plan which clearly defines your goals and objectives with respect to wealth accumulation and retirement? And, more importantly, how you are going to achieve these objectives?

  • Have the recent market conditions impacted your overall planning, or forced you to review or reconsider your financial plan?

  • Have you explored and implemented strategies to reduce your personal and/or corporate taxes?

  • Do you have a defined benefit pension plan that potentially guarantees you and your spouse an indexed pension for life? Are you eligible for a defined benefit pension plan

  • Are your assets protected from creditors in cases of litigation or financial hardship?

  • Are you confident that your insurance affairs are in good order?

It takes more than foresight to plan a healthy financial future. It takes commitment.

You may want to take our Self-Diagnostic Test, which can provide even further insight into your overall state of planning.