An Overview

Wealth Innovations is an independent financial services and wealth management firm. We are a team of professionals dedicated to developing and providing advanced wealth, retirement, and estate planning solutions for higher net worth Canadians, businesses owners and/or professionals. Our corporate philosophy is one of wealth protection and estate preservation.

Our principles reflect the highest ethical and professional standards. We couple this with outstanding personalized customer service — to help you define your tomorrows...and set your course for the future.

Our focus is on integrating and coordinating all aspects of your financial planning.

As part of this process, we help you develop and implement your personal and corporate insurance and investment portfolio management strategies that will meet your needs from graduation to retirement. We also help you create greater investment portfolio diversification therefore reducing your overall portfolio risk across your registered and non-registered accounts; this ultimately creates greater pension and retirement certainty.

Our team’s multi-disciplinary approach to helping professionals, retirees and business owners achieve their goals may not be unique, but our commitment to this objective is. To learn how you could improve your financial future, give us a call.

Our core competencies


Our clients can be absolutely certain that the recommendations made by us are driven exclusively by their needs.


Our process and recommendations are fully transparent to our clients.


We have a clearly defined process for the assessment, implementation and review of our recommendations.


We deliver the exceptional service expected by the clients we serve.


Our unique research process offers creative insurance and investment solutions