About Wealth Innovations

Wealth Innovations is an independent financial services and wealth management firm. We are a team of professionals dedicated to developing and providing advanced wealth, retirement, and estate planning solutions for higher net worth Canadians, businesses owners and/or professionals. Our corporate philosophy is one of wealth protection and estate preservation.


“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get,”- Warren Buffet, American investment tycoon

One Stop Solution for all your investment needs
Confused by the clutter of financial products in this fast expanding investment universe?

We, at Wealth Innovation, are driven by the objective of creating and managing a sustained wealth creation process for our clients. This is delivered through a bouquet of cutting-edge & innovative products, and customized financial solutions.

We cater to investors of various hues, looking after their diverse needs, keeping in mind the bigger objective of sound financial management. With our state-of-the –art brokerage platforms, commodity & currency strategie and fund management options. We ensure wealth maximization while minimizing risks.


Your Financial Library is a quality, leather-bound binder that bookmarks all aspects of your financial planning. All in one place. Organized. Updated regularly. Use the binder to get an instant reading on how we are doing to achieve your financial goals. You will even receive a flash drive version for your convenience.

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No one can predict a disability, a major critical illness, or even death, but the risk is quite real and the financial impact that this will have on you, your family and your business can be devastating. In the event that there is an unexpected emergency, we help alleviate any financial concerns so you can focus on the people you care about, and the businesses you have worked so hard build.

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You work hard for your money. Taxes are high in Canada, but there are several strategies that are available to utilize and can potentially save you thousands of dollars. These savings can go a long way towards raising the value of your retirement income, your estate, your insurance, or your lifestyle.

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Living comfortably and not sacrificing your lifestyle are cornerstones to any retirement plan. Regardless of whether you are decades from retirement or already retired, there are plenty of benefits at your disposal.

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Estate planning actually refers to the process required to transfer and preserve your estate in both an orderly and tax-effective manner. The WILL forms the centerpiece of a well structured estate plan. The will gives clear direction as to how the assets will be distributed. The estate plan also focuses on the tax implications with a goal of minimizing and deferring taxes on death so that the estate can be preserved for its beneficiaries.

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